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6 Oak dining chairs. FDB model ALBATROS

6 Oak dining chairs. FDB model ALBATROS

Albatros, design by Erik ole Jorgensen. Oak framed dining chairs. Set of 6FDB denmark ALBATROS dining chair. Vintage set of oak framed dining chairs designed by Erik Ole Jorgensen for FDB
Oak minimalist designed danish dining chairs. FDB Erik Ole Jorgensen design dining chairs. Ready for new upholstery.Danish 1978 designed light oak dining chairs by Erik Ole Jorgensen
Minimalist Danish design dining chairs with ligth oak frame.Original 1978 designed ALBATROS dining chairs. Price 860 Unique light oak dining chairs made with ships oak. ALBATROS
Vintage Danish furniture designed by Erik Ole Jorgensen
6 Oak dining chairs. FDB model ALBATROS
Erik Ole Jorgensen design stylish and typical Nordic in design set of 6 oak framed dining chairs with seats in brown and beige colour upholstery and having a checked pattern.

A lovely set of 6 chairs with very comfortable wide seat and back support.

The chairs have all been re-foamed and re-upholstered so the seats are comfortable and combine with the wide back rest to make a very comfortable chair.
The seats are original and in need of re-covering.

Speak to us about your options and costs. We have lots of lovely fabrics or leather you can choose as part of our upholstery service.
You are welcome to supply your own material.

Labour costs for having the 6 chair seats upholstered £160

The chair frame is entirely made using solid oak and are very strong.

Condition: Very good with unique patina on the wood.
Frames are stamped with makers name and production date.

Designed. Erik Ole Jørgensen
Producer. FDB
Year of design. 1978

Width 21 inch / 53cm
Depth 20 inch / 51cm
Height 30 inch / 76

Seat height 18½ inch / 47cm



Price: 860.00

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